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quartermaster shop and frontier classics. American Civil War / victorian clothing & uniforms
American Civil War Clothing: All

   Childrens Clothing: Boy's and Girl's

   Ladies Clothing: Aprons, Accessories, Capes, Dresses, Bonnets, Hats, Shoes and Boots, Vests, Underpinnings
      Ladies Dresses: Hoop Dresses, Bustle Dresses, Riding Habits
      Ladies Shoes and Boots:

   Mens Clothing: Coats, Cravats, Capes, Drawers, Dusters, Hats, Long Johns, Pants, Shirts, Shoes and Boots, Slickers, Suspenders, Unionsuits, Vests
      Mens Boots and Shoes:

American Civil War Uniforms: Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy

   Confederate Uniforms: C.S. Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy
      Confederate Enlisted Uniforms: C.S. Enlisted and NCO Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy
      Confederate Officer Uniforms: C.S. Officer Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy

   Union Uniforms: U.S. Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy
      Union Enlisted Uniforms: U.S. Enlisted and NCO Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy
      Union Officer Uniforms: U.S. Officer Army (Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry), Marines and Navy

Props for American Civil War Military & Civilians: leathergoods, personal items, musical instruments. view cameras, etc.
American Civil War Props
   Accessories: Leather Goods, Personal Items, Eating Utensils, Serving Items, Storage Containers, Dinnerware, Blankets, Bed Rolls, Ponchos, Ground Cloths, Desks, Writing Equipment, Musical Instruments
   Accouterments: Military Belts, Buckles, Bugles, Canteens, Cap Boxes, Cartridge Boxes, Haversacks, Holsters, Knapsacks, Sabre and Sword Knots, Spurs, Trumpets, Valises
   Desks: Lap Desks, Field Desks
   Musical Instruments: Bones, Bugles, Concertinas, Rope Tension Drums, Fifes, Harmonicas, Jaw Harps, Penny Whistles,
   Pencils, Pens, Ink, Ink Wells:
   Tinware: Baby Bottle, Canteens, Cookware (post & pans), Cups, Dinnerware, Mugs, Plates, Wash Basins
   Toys and Games: Balls, Battledore & Shuttlecock, Cup & Ball, Bilbo Catcher, Chalk, Dolls, Game of Graces, Hopscotch, Jack, Jacobs Ladder, Knucklebones, Marbles, Nine Man Morris, Nine Pins, Pick-Up Sticks, Quoits, Rolling Hoop Toy, Slate Boards, Tops, Whirli-Gigs, Yo-Yo

American Civil War Set Dressing
   Camp Equipment: Barrels, Boxes, Buckets, Camp Furniture, Crates, Dippers, Fire Sets, Ladles, Lanterns, Pails, Spigots, Tents

Cavalry, Back to the Future 3
American Civil War Reenactors
   Artillery: Union and Confederate
   Cavalry: Union and Confederate
   Infantry: Union and Confederate
   Navy: Union and Confederate

:American Civil War Reproductions

Saddles & Tack for 19th Century (1800s) Military & Civilians
American Civil War Saddles Tack

American Civil War Weapons

Historical Information and Research Material

  1. Confederate States: Constitution.
  2. United States: Articles of Confederation.
  3. United States: Bill of Rights.
  4. United States: Constitution
  5. United States: Declaration of Independence.
  6. United States: Ordnance of 1787.
  7. United States: The Emancipation Proclamation (1863).
  8. 1860 National Election Platforms. This includes the platforms of all 4 national parties.
  9. Republican National Platform, 1860 (image). (link to the Central Pacific Railroad Museum.
  10. President Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, given March 4, 1861.
  11. President Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, given March 4, 1865.
  12. The Ten Causes Of The War Between The States by James W. King and LtCol Thomas M. Nelson.
  13. Uniform Regulations, United States Army
  14. Uniform Regulations, United States Lighthouse Service
  15. Uniform Regulations, United States Navy