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Holsters Leather Goods
(Belts, Buckles, Cartridge Boxes, Carbine Slings, Holsters, Gauntlets, Spurs etc.)
Soaps, Tack and Powders, 19th Century (1800s) hygiene itemsPersonal Items
(Canteens, Cups, Combs, Sewing, Shaving, Soaps, Powders, Wallet, Pipes, Looking Glasses, Mirrors, etc.)
Plates and Dinnerware Eating Utensils
(Cups, Plates, Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc.)
Plates and Dinnerware Cookware & Wash Basins
(Coffee Pots, Cooking Pots and Pans (Enamelware, Tinware, etc.))
Pens, Pencils, Ink, Ink Wells, etc. 19th Century (1800s) writing items Desks & Writing items
(Desks, Desk Sets, Pencils, Ink, Quill Pens, Stylus, etc.)
Ladies parasols Ladies Accessories
(Parasols, gloves, fans, stockings, garters, hair pins, snoods, etc.)
concertinas Musical Instruments
(Bugles, Rope Tension Drums, Fifes,  Jaw Harps, etc.)
Game of Graces Toys and Games
(a large variety of childrens games and toys)
19th Century (1800s) Blankets Blankets, Bed Rolls,
Ponchos & Ground Cloths
Rochester Optical Company Ideal #9 View Camera, circa 1885 (pre Kodak) Camera Equipment
A little
see also our
Set Dressing Department

Leather Goods

Military: Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars & Span-Am War

Civil War Belt Buckles, US / Union & CS / Confederate
Belt Buckles,
Civil War US & CS
White Buff Mexican War Sabre Belt
Belts (White Buff Leather),
Mexican War
Civil War Sabre Belt
Belts (Waist & Saber)
Civil War US & CS
Indian Wars Prarie Belt, Khaki
Indian Wars
Spanish American War Mills Belt, Blue
Spanish American War
Civil War Military Holsters  (1800s/19th Century) Military M1885 and other year Holsters  (1800s/19th Century)
Cap Boxes (1800s/19th Century)
Cartridge Boxes (1800s/19th Century)
Spur and Spur Straps, military (1800s/19th Century)
Spurs &
Spurs Straps
Gauntlets (1800s/19th Century)

Civilian: Civil War & Old West

Civilian Belt (1800s/19th Century)
Waist Belts
Civilian 45 Rifle Caliber Cartridge Belt (1800s/19th Century)
Catridge Belts
Holsters (1800s/19th Century) Holsters (1800s/19th Century)
Old West
Spur Straps, Old West (1800s/19th Century)
Spurs & Spurs Straps
Old West
Wallet, 3-Fold
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1800s Personal and Hygiene Items

Comb, Wood Louse Comb - Bone
Combs and Brushes: Wood, Bone and Horn (Hair & Tooth)
Mirrors, pocket mirrors and hand mirrors
Pocket & Hand/Camp
Wallet, 3-Fold
Wallet, 3-Fold
Watch & Chain
Watch & Chain
Soaps, Tack and Powders, 19th Century (1800s) hygiene items
Soaps, Toothpaste,
Powders & Talc
More Items Coming
Ladies Soaps,
Powders, etc.
More Items Coming
Men's Soaps,
Powders, etc.

Shaving Items: Shaving Soap, Mugs, Brushes, Strops, Hones, etc
Shaving Items

Straight Razors, etc.
Sewing Items: wood thimbles, brass thimbles,sewing kits, needle safes Sewing Items: stork  sissors, sewing kits
Sewing Items
& Kits
Spyglasses: Telescopes and Binoculars
Telescopes &
Cotton Bag with Pull Ties Suede Leather Pouch with Pull Ties
Pokes, Bags &
Empty and Un-Labeled
Playing Card (poker, faro, etc)
Plain & Fancy
Cup, Tin, Copper or Enamel
Tin, Copper or Enamel
Canteen Picture, shown is US Civil War foot version Canteen Picture, shown is Indian Wars mounted version
Civil War & Indian Wars
Sabre Knots, Officer Sabre Knots, Generals Sabre Knots, Enlisted
Sword/Sabre Knots
Officer & Enlisted
Lucifers (Matches)
Lucifers (Matches)
Pipe, Clay
Pipe, Clay
Labeled Packages
Coffee etc.
Blankets (Saddle and Bed Roll)
Saddle & Bed Roll
Civil War Ponho / Rain Wear and Gum Blanket / Ground Cloth
Ponchos &
Gum Blankets
Civil War and Indian Wars haversacks, valises and knapsacks
Haversacks, Valises
& Knapsacks
US Marshall Badge
Knife, Pocket
Pocket & Sheath
Gauntlets (1800s/19th Century)
Spurs, mexican, spanish and other old west
Civilian Spurs
Eagle Head Officer's Spurs
Military Spurs for Cavalry, Artillery & Officers
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Musical Instruments

hohner harmonicas
jaw harps
Jaw Harps
Bugles and Trumpets. Civil War and Indian Wars
Bugles & Trumpets
rope tension drums and percussion: bass drums, snare drums
Rope Tension
drum sticks and beaters
Drum Sticks
& Beaters
Maple and Rosewood Bones, musical instrument
Maple & Rosewood
Penny Whistle with Book and CD
Whistles &
hohner concertinas
violas, violins, cellos
String Instruments
Music and Song Books
Music and Song Books
More Coming harpsichords, spinets, virginals, clavichords by Hubbard Harpsichords, Spinets,
Clavichords & Virginals
available from
Hubbard Harpsichords
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Eating Utensils, Serving Items and Storage Containers and Dinnerware

Knives, Forks & Spoons
Knives, Forks & Spoons
Plates and Dinnerware
Dinnerware and Plates
Glasses, Bottles and Cups
Glasses, Bottles and Cups
Other Items
Other Items
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Blankets, Bed Rolls, Ponchos, Ground Cloths, Etc.

19th Century (1800s) Blankets
19th Century (1800s) Bed Rolls
Bed Rolls
19th Century (1800s) Ponchos
Ground Cloths
Ground Cloths
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Desks (Field and Lap) and Writing Equipment

Lap Desks, 19th Century (1800s) writing items
Lap Desks
Field Desks, 19th Century (1800s) writing items
Field Desks
19th Century (1800s) Pens, Pencils, Ink, Ink Wells, etc.
Pens, Pencils, Ink,
Ink Wells, etc.
Paper and journals. 19th Century (1800s) writing items
Paper and
Other 19th Century (1800s) writing items
Other 19th Century (1800s) writing items
Other Drawing
& Writing Items
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Props for 19th Century (1800s) Military & Civilians: leathergoods, personal items, musical instruments. view cameras, etc.

     AzRAHist's prop department and prop master maintains a large variety of original and reproduction personal items for the 1800s. We specialize in everything that someone would use during that time. This includes military and civilian items from the American Civil War, Victorian Era, Indian Wars, Old West, Spanish American War (Span-Am), Edwardian Era, etc. We have most of the personal items an 1800s civilian or military person would need, like:

  1. Leather goods: belts, holsters, cartridge belts, cartridge boxes, cap boxes, gauntlets, etc.
  2. Personal accessories: badges, key wind pocket watches, pocket knives, wallets.
  3. Personal grooming items: hair and tooth brushes, combs, straight razors, strops, soap.
  4. Pipes and Matches (Lucifer's).
  5. Eating and drinking utensils: knives, forks, spoons, plates, tin cups, copper cups, canteens.
  6. Cookware: pots, pans, bowls.
  7. Wash items: pitchers and bowls, buckets.
  8. Games and Toys: playing cards, dice, checkers, Game of Graces, marbles, jacks, cup and ball, Bilbo Catcher, rolling hoop, Jacob's Ladder and others.
  9. School House and Student items: chalk boards, pencils, horn book, etc.
  10. Musical instruments: drums, fifes, flutes, guitars, banjos, mandolins, concertinas, jaw harps, violins, harpsichords.
  11. View cameras (panorama / panoramic, banquet & portrait), camera lenses and tripods
  12. Writing items: lap desks, desk accessories, pens (quill and stylus), pen nibs, pencils, ink (powdered & liquid), ink wells, paper, journals, writing sets, etc.
  13. and most everything else needed.

    We currently offer prop items from the 1820s through 1900 including: the Federal Era, Dickens, Jacksonian Era, Manifest Destiny (Mexican War), Victorian Era, Antebellum Period, American Civil War, Old West (Indian Wars), the Gilded Age, the Gay 90s, Spanish American War (Span-Am).

     Also see the Set Dressing Department for other items (camp furniture, pots, pans, tents, etc.)

     We offer both SALES and RENTALS of our prop items to production companies and SALES ONLY to individuals and others. As shown above, we have a complete selection of items that someone from the 1820's to 1920's would carry or use. Many of these fall into the "personal items" category.

     Also see the Set Dressing Department for other items (wood kegs, buckets, dinnerware, tents, etc.)

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