Submitting to AzRAHist

    To be eligible for casting by AzRAHist's Casting Directors as an Actor, Stuntman or Extra, you must send us a composite or picture (8"x10" preferred) and a resume (listing any: credits, skills, training, etc.). There is no fee to be included in AzRA's casting pool, to be submitted or if you are picked for a part (unless you have an agent, then their agency fee applies). AzRAHist cannot guarantee that you will be submitted or selected for any projects that we cast. This is dependent upon the requirements of the parts for any project.

Submitting to AzRAhist Casting Web Site

    To be included on this web site, you must be an Arizona full time or part time resident (we will consider out-of-state actor/re-enactors or stuntman/re-enactors with documented film credits). To submit, send us one (1) to four (4) pictures (8"x10" preferred) and a resume (listing any: credits, skills, training, etc.). We reserve the right to refuse any picture, complete submission and to edit and reformat the resume to fit our format. Mark the outside of your envelope "Casting Web Site Submission". DO NOT include fees with your submission, you will be notified if you are accepted. The fees for inclusion on this web site are:

    Initial Set-up: $35.00

    Yearly service: $60.00

    Updates or changes to:

      Pictures: $5.00 each

      Resume: $1.00 first line, $.50 each additional per time

Send to: AzRA Historical Resources, Casting Department, Contact Info