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Jean (John) P. Turgeon  
Jean (John) P. Turgeon

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Height: 5' 8" Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Brown Hair: Brown
Non-Union AGENT: None
Horse Experience: 12 Years, 40 Hours per month. Horse owner
Horse Equipment: 1859 McClellan saddle and tack.
Wardrobe: Civilian 1870's-1880's.
Weapons: cartridge pistol.
Hobbies/Interests: 1870's - 1890's History, French.
Product Character Production Company
Young Riders: Gathering Clouds Re-Enactor - Cavalryman MGM/UA TV
Rambo III Re-Enactor - Mounted Afghan Mujahadeen Rambo Productions
French Language, AzRAHist Cavalry Training Workshop, AzRAHist Introductory Stunt Training Workshop, United States Air Force (4 Years Active Duty)
Special Abilities
Horseback Riding, Wagon Driver (2-up), Polo, Swimming, Diving, Western Dance, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Motorcycles, Shooting Guns, Bicycling, Automobile Driver (Stick Shift), Baseball, Fluent French

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