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This index contains information on the:

    Research Information,
    Military Regulations,
    Other Historical and Reenactor Information
    and Other Things

Historical Documents

  1. Confederate States: Constitution.
  2. United States: Articles of Confederation.
  3. United States: Bill of Rights.
  4. United States: Constitution
  5. United States: Declaration of Independence.
  6. United States: Ordnance of 1787.
  7. United States: The Emancipation Proclamation (1863).

Historical Research Information

  1. 1860 National Election Platforms. This includes the platforms of all 4 national parties.
  2. Republican National Platform, 1860 (image). This is a link to the Central Pacific Railroad Photograph History Museum.
  3. President Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, given March 4, 1861 (born::February 12, 1809, died: April 15, 1865).
  4. President Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, given March 4, 1865 (born::February 12, 1809, died: April 15, 1865).
  5. The Ten Causes Of The War Between The States by James W. King and LtCol Thomas M. Nelson. I hate to burst anyone's bubble,
    but it wasn't JUST about slavery. No war is about any ONE thing.
  6. The Buffalo Soldier: General history of the Buffalo Soldiers and an overview of the involvement of Americans of African descent prior
    to the Buffalo Soldiers coming into being.
  7. Buffalo Soldiers in New Mexico: Breakdown of where the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed in New Mexico during the 1875 & 1876.
  8. Stitches for buttonholes: This document gives instruction on how to sew hand-sewn button holes.

Historical Military Regulations

  1. Uniform Regulations, United States Army
  2. Uniform Regulations, United States Lighthouse Service
  3. Uniform Regulations, United States Navy
  4. Confederate States Army Regulations, 1861 (from
  5. Confederate States Army Regulations, 1863 (from Capital Guards)
  6. Confederate States Army Regulations, 1864 (from
  7. Confederate Army, Navy and State Uniform Regulations (Link to
  8. Rank Charts for Civil War Navies (Link to


  1. A Brothers Eulogy: Fictitious Civil War eulogy of one brother given for another, that attempts to give some insight to the negative aspects of War (Civil or otherwise).

Other Historical and Reenactor Information

  1. Magalian shares history: Article about the Pair-O-Dice Mercantile by Jeremy Walsh in the "Paradise Post" February 15,2005.
  2. InnerView: Terry Leavey land his love of history and entrepreneurship in Paradise: Interview by Alan Sheckter in the "Chico Enterprise Record" October 9, 2007.
  3. Reenactors in the Film Industry: An article that was published in "Civil War News" for and about Reenactors who are interested in or involved in the film industry.
  4. So you want to be an Actor or Extra in Arizona. Information for people interested in acting or extra work in films or commercials. Oriented towards Arizona, but some information is relative no matter where you live.
  5. Gods and Generals - Here we go again: If you thought the "Gettysburg" Movie production company and reenactors on that film learned from the mistakes made on it, guess again. WORK FOR FREE IS BACK.

Current Events and Other Things

  1. New owner attempts to evict Renter's in violation of Law.
  2. Is Arizona Defending Border or Protecting it's Citizens? The is a difference.

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