AzRA's Favorite Links

Sites for Talent, Crew and other Film Industry Professionals.
Go To FILMAZ: Pictures and Text show "Why Film in Arizona".
Go To INFEP: Talent and Crew Showcase.
Go To ACTORS INTERACTIVE: New York & Los Angeles Theatre Calendar, Talent Showcase, etc.
Go To FILM PROS OF ARIZONA: an Arizona Production Directory
Go To WEBMOVIE: Lists Talent Agents and Crew Personnel by State.
Go To CREW-NET: Job Hotline for Film Crew Personnel.

Go To Information for Webmasters wanting to link to this site.

Sites for Re-Enactors, Living Historians and History Buffs.
Go To RE-ENACTOR's: Listing of Current and Future AzRAHist projects.
Go To GENERAL INFORMATION INDEX: of Documents, Research Material, etc. on this site.
Go To HAND SEWN BUTTONHOLES: Instructions and Pictures of common buttonhole stitches.
Go To RE-ENACTOR'S IN FILM: Good article from C.W. News in 1992.
Go To GUIDON BOOKS: extensive collection of new & out of print books on the American Civil War & Western Americana
Go To VICTORIAN ELEGANCE: Victorian, Vintage & Antique Clothes, Victorian & Vintage Costume Jewelry, Vintage Accessories
Go To US CAVALRY ASSOCIATION SITE: A site dedicated to the Cavalry.
Go To WALDEN FONTS: Historical Fonts and Clip Art
Go To TYPE QUARRY, the: Historical Fonts

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