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d.b.a.: AzRA Re-Enactors' Association / AzRA Historical Resources
June 18, 2001

     Since 1985 we have assisted productions with scenes involving the Military, Old West and Re-Enactors. This has included the services listed just below. We have supplied Artillery, Cavalry, Civilians, Infantry and Navy.

    Services Provided: Historical Advisors, Historical Consultants, Historical Research, Historical Resource Managers, Casting (Supporting, Extras and Re-Enactors), Costume Design, Livestock (Horses, Tack, Rolling Stock and Wranglers), Payroll, Props, Re-Enactor Coordinators, Talent (Extras and Re-Enactors), Wardrobe and Weapons.

Project (episode) Date Period-Images, etc. Production Company / Location
Manassas Battlefield Documentary
   "End of Innocence"
July 1-31
Prop Master and Props Congaree Pictures, LLC
     Manassas, Va
  (Eddie Murphy & Robert De Niro)
June 1-3
Re-Enactor Coordinator
Rev. War, Civil War, Indian Wars
& WW2 Troops
Warner Bros.
     Los Angeles, Ca
Wolf Re-Introduction Documentary Dec 2000 Aldo Leopold & Park Ranger,
Wardrobe, props & weapons
Animal Planet
     Alpine, Az
Bulleit Bourbon Commercial May 1999 Actor Sunny Seibel Casting
     Tucson, Az
"Wild Wild West" Aug &
Sept 1998
Re-Enactor Coordinator
1860's U.S. & C.S. Art, Cav & Inf.
Warner Bros.
     Los Angeles, Ca
     Galisto, NM
McDonalds "Ghost Town" Commercial Dec 1997 Casting Directors - SAG Principals Kragie/Newell
     Phoenix, Az
"Miner Leaguers" Nov 1997 Miners Tent Camp Ninth House Productions
     Phoenix, Az
"Front Line" Sept 1997 W.W.I Bi-Plane, U.S., French
& British W.W.I Troops
Kingman Films International
     Los Angeles, Ca
"Los Locos" Nov 1996 Cavalry & Military Camp Volcanic Productions
"Dead Man" Dec 1994 1880's Civilians Deadman Productions
Rediscovering America
     w/David Hartman
     "The Buffalo Soldiers"
June 1994 1880's Buffalo Soldiers J. Donald Prod. (Disc. Channel)
     Sierra Vista, Az
"Riders in the Storm" Mar. 1994 Machine Gun Rental w/Gunner Coldstone Productions
"Blind Justice" Jan/Feb
1860's & 70's.Cav, Inf
 & Bandits
Lucky Nell Inc, (HBO)
     Phoenix, Az
"Geronimo" Jul/Aug
1860's & 80's Mtd. Cavalry
Asst. Historical Resources Mgr.
Gila Productions (TNT)
     Tucson, Az
"Far and Away" Aug.
1892-Mounted Civilians, w/Staff Ron Howard Project
     Billings, MT
"Ironclads" Aug.
1861-Navy Cannoneers, w/Staff Rosemont Productions (TNT)
     Richmond, Va
"Az. Proposition 105" Aug. 1990 1880's-Cavalry Platoon, w/Staff Goodman Agency, Arizona
"Glory Promotion"
     National Video convention
     Block-Buster Video Cnvt'n

Aug. 1990
July 1990

1862-Color Guard, Fife &
     Drum Corps
Columbia Home Video
     Las Vegas, Nevada
     Los Angeles, Ca.
"Young Riders"
     "Gathering Clouds"
     Recruiting Episode
     Cannon Episode
     Bar Room Scene

April 1990
Mar. 1990
Nov. 1989
Sept. 1989

1861-Cavalry Company w/Staff,
   Army Drummer & Wild Track
   Cannons, Gunner, Pyrotechnic
   Confederate Officers
     Mescal, Az.
     Mescal, Az.
     Mescal, Az.
     Mescal, Az.
"Sanyo, TV Commercial" Oct. 1989 1885-Cavalry Detail & Officer Film Producers Warehouse
     Monument Valley, Az
"Back to the Future III" Oct. 1989 1885-Cavalry Company w/Staff Three Productions
     Monument Valley, Az
"Bad Jim" June 1989 1880's-Civilians Wock-Ware Productions
"Glory" April 1989 1862-54th Mass Vol Infty, Co H
1862-US Artillery Gun & Crew
1862-US Cav Officer-SAG
Glory Productions
     Jeckyll Island, Georgia
"Billie the Kid" Nov. 1988 1870's-Billie and Posse Unsolved Mysteries, Ca.
"Hardee's Hamburgers" Aug. 1988 1870's-Survey Crew
Props rented to Prop Master
additional PA/Grips
Shooting Star Productions
     Grand Canyon, Az.
"Rambo III" Jan. 1988 1980's-Mounted Afghan
"Mujahadeen" w/Staff
Rambo Productions
     Yuma, Az.
"Alamo-Price of Freedom" July 1987 1836-Inf (Mexican & Texican)
1836-Mexican Chief Drummer
1836-Artillery Gun Commander
Alamo Productions
     Bracketville, Tx.
"Geronimo-an Az. Legacy" Aug. 1986 1880's-Art, Cav, Inf, Civ & Staff
 Technical Advisors & Troops
KPNX-TV, Phoenix
     Carefree, Az.
"North South, Book II" Nov. 1985 1861-US/CS Infantry & Artillery Warner Bros. TV
 Nachez, Ms
"The Coming Fury" April 1985 1860's Military & Civilians Actors
     Props, Wardrobe & Weapons
Glendale, College
     Glendale, Az
125th Battle of Gettysburg June 1988 1863-Cav & Inf/CS Cav QM Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
125th Battle of Glorietta Pass June 1987 1862-US/CS Cav, Art, Inf - w/Staff Glorietta, New Mexico
125th Battle of Picacho Pass April 1987 1862-US/CS Cavalry w/Staff Picacho, Arizona
125th Battle of 1st Manassas June 1986 1861-US Infantry w/Staff Manassas, Virginia
Annual Az. C.W. Encampment 1984 - 1989 1860's Art, Cav & Inf - w/Staff Phoenix, Arizona

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