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Victorian Greatcoat (Overcoat)

Nineteenth Century (1800s) including: Manifest Destiny, California Gold Rush,
Antebellum, American Civil War, Gilded Age, Gay 90s and Old West


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Civilian Greatcoat

Civilian Great Coat / Caped Overcoat

Item Last Updated: Friday, 20-Nov-2020 19:59:43 EST

Civilain Greatcoat (Overcoat) in Tan, 19th Century (1800s) Men's Clothing

    Our CIVILIAN GREATCOAT / OVERCOAT (at left and #6 pictured below) is cut similar to the military style except two front pockets have been added. Also, there are no turn down cuffs, as on the US Military version and the cape does not have any buttons on it. A lower lay-down style collar is featured. Collar and pocket tops can be trimmed with a contrasting color wool. Research seems to indicate that if a Confederate soldier had a greatcoat at all, it was either captured from Uncle Sam or brought from home. Our coat has five cloth buttons on the front and two in the back on the adjusting belts. A heavy cotton half lining (to the waist) is standard. For the ultimate in warmth, a wool body lining is available at extra cost.

Civilian Great Coat / Caped Overcoat

Item Last Updated: Friday, 20-Nov-2020 19:59:43 EST

Civilian Greatcoat (Overcoat) Dark Gray with Black Trim, 19th Century (1800s) Clothing
Dark Grey
w/Black trim
Civilian Greatcoat (Overcoat), 19th Century (1800s) Clothing
Black Green
w/Black trim
Civilian Greatcoat (Overcoat) in Tan with Brown Trim, 19th Century (1800s) Clothing
w/Brown trim
Color representations are not exact, they are affected by
camera exposure, image software and monitors.

    This REPRODUCTION Clothing item is Made in the USA. This a quality reproduction item made as close as is modernly possible. Sewing is done by machine to keep costs down (except where hand sewing is required) and most do not show externally. Some items offer hand sewing on exposed stitching (such as buttonholes) for an additional cost.

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    This is not a costume that is made using modern construction or components that did not exist during the time of its original usage (IE: zippers, etc.). Beware of fakes, especially ones using images stolen from this site (Copyright Infringement).

These items are
Made in USA
Made in USA

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Civilian Great Coat (QM-1603)

Civilian Greatcoat (Overcoat) in Tan, 19th Century (1800s) Clothing
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Sew on buttons $16.00
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